Brazil Bacamarte Honey Capsules


Origin: Brazil, Patrocinio
Farm: Daterra
Processing method: Honey
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1100-1200 m.a.s.l.

Quantity: 10 pcs
Capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines.

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Steady climate, dry-fresh winters, warm-wet summers. Dry winds in pleasantly hot days and refreshingly cool nights. Sounds like the dream place for one’s vacation. In fact, it is the perfect condition for amazing beans to be grown. This is what you find in the region where Daterra farms are located.

Daterra means "from the earth" in Portuguese, and it is from there - the earth - that Daterra cultivates with respect to the environment, technology, and good people, high-quality green coffee beans to be exported and consumed all over the globe.

For the honey process, after the fresh coffee cherries are picked, the cherry peel is removed, but some amount of the fleshy inside, the mucilage, remains while the beans are dried.

The honey process does not require water.

Roastery The Underdog
Origin Brazil
Processing method Honey
Coffee beans/Capsules Capsules