Brazil Seu Zica Anaerobic Honey IBC12


Origin: Brazil
Farm: Seu Zica
Processing method: Anaerobic honey
Variety: IBC12
Altitude: 980 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile: Filter roast

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In the processing of this lot, the cherries were de-pulped and then fermented with 100% of the pulp and mucilage for 90 hours. After the fermentation, they were placed on the concrete patios for drying. This anaerobic process enhances the nice spicy flavour so making the coffee boozier than the other classical processings. In the coffees from Brazil, it is really obvious! Coffee from an altitude lower than 1000 metres above sea level is rather sweet with complex chocolatey and nutty flavours (of course it depends on many other factors), but thanks to the fermentation we can find very funky flavours even in these coffees!

Roastery Pikola
Origin Brazil
Processing method Honey, Anaerobic
Roast profile Omni roast