Christmas Gift Box - Morgon - Colour of spoon: Black, Choose the coffee: Brazil Ricardo Tavares Pulped Natural - dark chocolate, hazelnuts, Cup colour: Celadon green

Christmas Gift Box contains:
- 250 grams of coffee from Morgon roastery by your choice
- Cupping spoon by your choice (black, silver, gold)
- V60-02 filters (100 pcs)
- Loveramics Dale Harris cup - 150 ml by your choice (celadon blue, celadon green, beige) More

Product code: P00245-64

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Our Christmas Gift Box is a perfect present for every barista and coffee lover. In the box, you can find everything necessary and practical for brewing.

  • 250 grams of coffee from Morgon roastery by your choice
  • Paper filters for every V60-02 dripper
  • Cupping spoon PROFESSIONAL:
    The shape of the body of the spoon was developed for easy handling during cupping. Scraping off the foam and floating rests is super easy, thanks to the bulging shape. The deep shape also helps with even spreading of the coffee sample when you slurp.
  • Loveramics cup, which Dale Harris competed with on WBC in 2017. Every cup is printed by Dale's signature.