Coffee Discovery Box #1 - Processing methods

The theme of the first Discovery box is „processing methods“. In this box, you can find six coffees, whereas each of them was processed by a different method, so you can easily compare and see, how each method affects the taste!

Coffee Discovery box #1 contains of these coffees:
• Ethiopia Shantawene Washed - Dos Mundos Roastery
• Ethiopia Hambela Wamena Natural - Candycane Roastery
• El Salvador La Divina Providencia Honey - Nordbeans Roastery
• Costa Rica Aguilera Red Honey - The Naughty Dog Roastery
• Colombia Libardo Ortiz Carbonic Maceration - The Space Coffee
• Honduras Yolanda Anaerobic - Father's Coffee Roastery

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Coffee Discovery Box #1 is focused on how each processing method affects the flavour of the final cup. These coffees are really significant in terms of the main flavour, that is highlighted by processing. There are 6 coffees, by 50 grams each and each of them was processed by a different method - washed, natural, honey, red honey, anaerobic and carbonic maceration. 

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What is Coffee Discovery Box?

This project focuses on thematic tasting boxes with the selection of specialty coffee. In each box there are 6 coffees by 50 grams, so 300 grams together. Every Coffee Discovery Box has a theme, according to which we were choosing the coffee to give you a chance to discover the great world of specialty coffee. Let's discover with us!