Colombia El Encanto Washed Pink Bourbon


Origin: Columbie
Producer: El Encanto
Processing method: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1 380 – 1 600 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile: Filter roast

250 g

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Pink Bourbon is cultivated from the hybridization of red and yellow bourbon, it is extremely rare and is showing signs of being quite resistant to leaf rust. The problem with the variety is, it is difficult to produce with consistency as often the recessive genes which give the pink colour are over powered and yellow and red.


Juan’s farm El Encanto is very experimental and he has a huge section dedicated to growing rare varieties. Juan and his team are currently planting thousands of new trees constantly improving techniques and their farming methods with cup quality and sustainability being the end goal.


This is the third year we have bought this coffee and each year we feel it improves. Starting with floral notes and tropical fruits all wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. The cup leaves you with a tea like freshness with stone fruit sweetness. We are delighted with this coffee, we may release it as an espresso but we feel as filter coffee it shines!

Roastery Round Hill Roastery
Origin Colombia
Processing method Washed
Roast profile Filter roast
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