Ethiopia Abraham Demise Natural


Origin: Ethiopia
Producer: Abraham Demise
Processing method: Natural
Variety: Kurume, Dega, Walichu and JARC varietals
Altitude: 2050 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile: Filter roast

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Abraham Demise has produced this coffee with the help of Getu Bekele and the Jambanto Group, who provide training and guidance on how to incorporate advanced processing technologies and techniques to farmers throughout the Yirgacheffe area. Combining traditional farming processes with modern-day expertise has pushed Mr. Demise's lots into new markets, and enabled him to begin collecting premium payments for his quality coffees.

The cherries who make up this particular coffee are a combination of several local varietals, all culled from an adapted gene pool called landraces. These varietals are preserved and traded from one farmer to each other, making up a network of crossbred coffees that are both uniquely local and constantly shifting from season to season.

The cherries from this lot were all handpicked and manually sorted, followed by a drying period of 20 days on raised bamboo beds. Throughout this timeframe the cherries were turned six times a day, by hand, covered in nylon sheets and plastic overnight, and tested regularly for humidity levels.

Roastery Five Elephant
Origin Ethiopia
Processing method Natural
Roast profile Filter roast
Coffee beans/Capsules Coffee beans