Ethiopia Keramo Natural 74220, 74212


Origin: Ethiopia
Producer: Keramo Village –Sidama
Processing method: Natural
Variety: 74220 / 74212 Variety
Altitude: 2 360 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile: Filter roast

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Beautiful mountains Bombe create home for Keramo producers. Thanks to these geographical conditions coffee comes up to high quality. Due to altitude 2 360 m. a. s. l. cherries need more time to ripen and also the beans are smaller. These two factors enable coffee to develop its unique taste.

This particular coffee was picked in February and after picking went through sorting and then it was placed on African beds for 14–18 days. The next steps went to Addis city, where another sorting happened.

Roastery Diamonds Roastery
Origin Ethiopia
Processing method Natural
Roast profile Filter roast
Coffee beans/Capsules Coffee beans