Kenya Gatgaiti AA Washed SL28,SL34


Origin: Kenya
Producer: Gathaiti AA
Processing method: Washed
Variety: SL 28, Sl34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Altitude: 1 450 – 1775 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile: Espresso roast

250 g

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The Gathaiti Washing Station (Factory) is located in Nyeri in central Kenya. Nyeri is known for coffees with intense, complex, and flavor- dense cup profiles. It is made up of mainly smallholder farms, each with some 100 trees. They are organized in Cooperative Societies that act as umbrella organizations for the washing stations, where the smallholders deliver their coffee cherries daily for processing.

There is a lot of competition in Nyeri. Many of the farmers are surrounded by several washing stations. They are free to choose where they want to deliver their cherries as members. Due to the traditional auction system in Kenya, quality is rewarded with higher prices. The better factories will then attract more farmers by producing coffee getting the highest prices, as well as giving high payback rate to the farmers. This system is why Kenyan coffee prices are always pretty high.

This coffee is an AA (the largest bean size) and would have been washed and first fermented for 16-24 hours under shade. After the first fermentation the coffee is then washed again and soaked in clean water for another 16-18 hours.

Roastery Round Hill Roastery
Origin Kenya
Processing method Washed
Roast profile Espresso roast
Coffee beans/Capsules Coffee beans