Panama Ninety Plus Anaerobic Capsules


Origin: Panama
Producer: Ninety Plus
Processing method: Anaerobic
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1600-1700 m.a.s.l.

Quantity: 10 pcs
Capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines.

Product code: P00134

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Ninety Plus is a coffee producer that has been transforming the coffee farming and marketing model since 2006. The Ninety Plus story begins in Ethiopia, coffee’s homeland, where it's very first coffees produced by the hands of Founder Joseph Brodsky amazed judges in world competitions and created waves of change in the industry. The Ninety Plus special “natural process” coffees were shared with coffee growers in Panama beginning in 2007.

The Ninety Plus Gesha Estates were designed with inspiration drawn from coffee growing wild in its natural habitat in Ethiopia. The Gesha variety, along with all heirloom coffee varieties, comes from the understory of wild forests in Ethiopia.

These heirloom varieties of coffee live very long lives - up to 100 years or more - and produce relatively small amounts of intensely aromatic coffee. 

Roastery The Underdog
Origin Panama
Processing method Anaerobic
Coffee beans/Capsules Capsules